The Life-Changing Power of Eco Life Goods

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Become More Mindful, Eco-conscious, and Healthful with the Life-Changing Power of Eco Life Goods



How often during the month do you think about the impact your actions have on the environment? A dozen? A handful? Once? Never?


Most people will answer never. We move through our lives at such a break-neck pace and with such laser focus on achieving whatever goal occupies our minds at present, that we all are unable to pay attention to anything else—let alone to the havoc our actions are wreaking on the environment. 


We at EcoLifeGoods want to propose a different way of moving through life. It may sound radical and unconventional, but we assure you, it is just the opposite. Because we are so used to commerce operating on a purely profit-seeking basis, we don’t think a business could ever have a scope wider than that. But what if a business did pay attention to its environmental footprint? What if a business thought about more than just the monetary bottom line, but also the bottom line of our planet? 


We are reaching a stage in the earth’s history when drastic measures must be taken. And the most drastic and potentially life-changing one is the greening of business. 


We are EcoLifeGoods and we stand at the vanguard of that change. We have an agenda broader than just our own profit: we want profit for the planet. We want to weave mindfulness and awareness into your online shopping experience. We don’t want to take anything for granted. 


Want to know more? Here is a shortlist of the things we care about:





How many hours of your day do you think you are truly aware of what you are doing? Three? Maybe only two, or one? It’s frightening to think about how much of our lives pass us by without us noticing. EcoLifeGoods wants to infuse more mindfulness into your life, starting with the things you surround yourself with. We have a variety of peace-bringing collections, like our Birdhouses, Hammocks, and Plant Stands that will help ground you in the present. Stop living in your head and start living in your reality. It’s much more fun—trust us!



Environmental Consciousness



One of the guiding principles of EcoLifeGoods is sustainability. We choose all our products based on their environmental impact, and if a product is depleting and harmful to the ecosystem, we don’t carry it. All our Living Room furniture, for example, is made from sustaining building materials, including bamboo. 


We have committed to working only with vendors with similar values, whose products we can trust. And we are rigorous and careful in our selection-making so you, the valued customer, can trust our products, too. 





Do you ever read the labels on your bath products and wonder what sort of mad scientist concocted them? We feel uncomfortable putting chemicals on our bodies that we don’t recognize and we think you should, too. All our Personal Care products are made with high-quality, recognizable ingredients that are gentle on your body and on the planet. The planet offers us all the healing and nourishing ingredients we need to keep ourselves clean and comfortable. Why turn to the lab when nature has everything we need right here?





We want to shift customers’ expectations of the products they buy. Commerce has evolved in such a way that consumer expectations are of a low price and low-quality product. We have become content to buy products, use them once, and then discard them immediately. Then, we start the whole process over again. We see this in the fashion industry, the entertainment industry, the home goods industry. Nothing is built to last. This creates a tremendous burden on the planet and a burden on us: we have to spend much of our time buying and re-buying the same old necessities. EcoLifeGoods doesn’t believe this is the way it needs to be. We advocate for high-quality products that will serve you for a long time. All our Outdoor goods are built to weather any storm and will last you many, many seasons. 


Life is about more than just making a profit. It’s about doing good by those around you and the planet we live on. If you find yourself drawn to the same values we are, take a look at our online shop. We carry products for every facet of your life, so you can move in peace and tranquility every step of the way. 

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