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Create an Earth-Friendly Gathering Place


Your living room is the gathering place of your house, a place to feel welcomed, and should not be taken lightly. This is because it’s your main attraction, your primary space for both daily events, social occasions, and family time. At Eco Life Goods we want your home to exemplify the warmth of a natural, green aesthetic. This type of design scheme is sure to be beneficial for your mental health, and spiritual well-being. 


One of the first places we’ll start is with curtains. Ideally, a curtain should manage to lie somewhere in between the complete obstruction of light, and completely transparent. A curtain that functions competently in a home should let in enough light to give the room a particularly earthy and vibrant look while keeping the house cozy and secure. That is what we aim to do at Eco Life Goods, by providing you with the highest quality curtains possible. Our current option is an all-natural bamboo curtain, made of 90 strands of long bamboo beads. Bamboo is a very prominent material on our site because it is a very unique, durable, and sustainable wood. Our curtain measures 36x80 and is hung up by two eye rings attached to a wooden bar on top. Some have cut these to use as window coverings as well. 


The next aspect of your living room that you are going to absolutely need is some type of living room decor. In reality, the biggest goal here is to fill your home with those styles that represent the look you’re aiming for. On our site, we can get you started with a wide variety of bamboo picture frames to suit your decor needs. Coming in dark bamboo root, natural bamboo root, and seasonal bamboo root, there is some form of living room decor for everyone here. Can’t decide on just one? Consider our smooth triple bamboo frameset, which comes with 3 bamboo frames. 


The final step you must take in order to complete your living room is investing in some form of living room table. A table is fantastic for bringing all of your design decisions to some type of center. We have a great selection available, all utilizing natural bamboo wood to really give your living room that earthy feel. Take some time to browse our full selection of living room center tables, side tables, end tables, and credenzas. You’re sure to find one you’ll fall in love with!