About Us

For decades, I was plagued by various diseases that would not go away! I went to my GP often for a remedy which often resulted in no cure at all. Maybe just temporary relief of symptoms at best. I also developed borderline issues with cholesterol and diabetes. What? After all the scientific breakthroughs and mind-boggling innovations in science and technology we still have only temporary relief of symptoms medication created by big Pharma for almost all chronic diseases? There must be something fundamentally wrong with this system I said to myself, but what is it?

Rizwan - The Owner
Rizwan – The Owner

After switching off the brainwasher (most people call it TV), I embarked on my journey of finding out what the reality of life is and to my amazement found answers hidden in plain sight. Why did I not know this before?

Anyways, long story short - I changed my life around by changing my lifestyle, my eating habits and body products that I had regularly been using without knowing what hazards these products contained. Making a switch to organic produce and eating wholesome, unprocessed good food, I was able to turn my life around for the better. Within a short period, I was able to get rid of my maladies and noticed an overall well being in my life - I thanked our Creator a million times over. Therefore I made it my mission to educate others, especially my nearest of kin, of the dangers which are lurking in most products made by mega corporations we take for granted and we eat and ingest without giving it a second thought. The Internet is a great way to connect with our fellow human beings and bring to light alternate products.

Therefore we have started this e-commerce website to present to our citizens of the world that we do now have alternative products created by emerging companies. We have been inundated with mostly harmful products from mega-corporations for decades — each product coming in plastic bottles and containers destroying our planet's ecosystem. Humanity now has to realize that this trend is unsustainable. Moreover, the products in such vessels do not contain elements that are healthy for our bodies. For example, many shampoos have SLS, Triclosan, Potassium Sorbate, etc., to name just a few of the plethora of other toxic ingredients. It may do the job of cleaning our hair, but at what cost?!


Artisan making lanterns - India
Proud Artisan making lanterns – Fair Trade

What happens to aquatic life once we rinse these toxins with water and it flows into our rivers and subsequently into oceans? These toxic ingredients do contribute to various diseases over some time and often we are unable to make the connection between the illness experienced now to the toxic products used in the past or even still using these. Why not break this vicious cycle/habit? Why not look for products that are compatible with our system and also do not harm our environment. That is where we the consumers should focus our attention on. Buy products that are 100% natural and organic and are readily biodegradable.

Artisans in India - Fair Trade
Artisans making Jewelry boxes – Fair Trade

Have we not seen numerous documentaries of rainforests where nothing goes to waste, and everything is recycled into the ecosystem? That is why we have launched this website to make our planet a better place to be and also for our progeny. Most products on our site are eco-certified, organic, biodegradable and do not harm our environment. If you the consumer find any of our products to be harmful, please do report it to us and we will take action either by discontinuing the product or offer an alternative.

By selling these products on our website, we strive to reduce poverty, restore balance in nature, and promote peace by giving artisans around the world a chance to earn fair wages and improve their lives and communities. We offer a wide selection of handmade gifts, going above and beyond Fair Trade by offering Compassionate Trade. Please help us and yourself to make our world a better place to live. We could make a tremendous difference not only to our lives but to the lives that are yet to come to experience life on this beautiful blue planet. Let us hope that we hand this world to our progeny in a better condition than we inherited it from our ancestors. Think positive, think big!