Our Mission at Eco Life Goods

Eco Life Goods is extremely excited to offer you a plentiful variety of ecologically friendly products that allow you to live the life you want while helping the planet along the way. There are no tricks, no smokes-and-mirrors. Only the finest quality goods free from volatile compounds or excessive expulsion of toxins. 

That’s really what life is about, is it not? One’s desire to live in the greatest comfort possible while simultaneously benefiting the surrounding environment. This can relate to someone’s personal environment of family, friends, or the actual outdoor environment. 

Our project initially started when Rizwan, the founder of Eco Life Goods, was diagnosed with various diseases and conditions that remained persistent in his life, even when attempting to get rid of them. This included high-cholesterol, diabetes, and many other issues. He felt that there must be some sort of solution to this. He made it his life’s mission to change his fundamental approach to the things he ate and used on his body, and in the house, on a daily basis. It is this immense success that Rizwan found which has inspired our team to create what we do. 

Life can be so rich, and so fulfilling if we take the right approach to the objects we surround ourselves within our day-to-day lives. At Eco Life Goods, we have made it our aim to specialize in natural, eco-friendly goods that you won’t feel guilty about buying or enjoying. We specialize in providing a wonderful selection of health, wellness, and self-care products online in North America. 

The basis of our production is around “Bioplastic”, which is 25% plant-based material, coming from renewable resources. Most of the sources currently used are corn, sugarcane, or cellulose. We strive to inform you about all developments as this form of manufacturing becomes more available and commercially viable. We completely avoid using BPA, fluorocarbons, and other gross compounds out of what we sell. The extremely common use of these types of chemicals and toxins has without a doubt negatively affected human lifespan, including causing cancer, and chronic conditions within populations. That’s why our use of organic chemicals is so important - these substances are built from carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen only. Persistent organic pollutants, or POPs for short, are all too common in typically manufactured products that are used in millions of people’s homes daily. These terrible toxins don’t biodegrade properly and remain in the environment for a very long time.

Ecolife Goods

We’re So Glad You’re Here!

Customers have given our site rave reviews and love the ability to buy their favorite products any time - day or night. We offer the friendliest customer service around and specialize in all things eco-friendly.

From Us to You

All items ordered on our site are shipped directly from the manufacturer. The length of time it will take to arrive depends on the amount of time it takes the designer to produce it. Typically, orders ship within 3-4 days, but if it is longer than 7 days, it will be listed in the product description. Holiday orders also involve the addition of 2-3 days. 

Earth Friendly Living Room Goods

Beginning with our living room, we have set out to create a plethora of fantastic products to spice up the most important place in your home! We aim to provide you with things to create that “earthy” feel. We specialize in curtains, decor, and tables all made out of bamboo! This bamboo is extremely high quality, and completely authentic.

Going Green in the Bedroom and Bath

Moving on to the bathroom category, we’ve created something truly unique - soap dishes made out of COCONUT! You read that right. We also offer beautiful side tables made out of bamboo which would fit perfectly next to a bed - or even as a bathroom accent!

Eco Dining and Kitchen Goods

Stepping away from personal care and over to the kitchen, we have curated a stunning variety of items like natural bamboo tables, kitchen storage, and recycled cloth items like aprons, napkins, oven mitts, pot holders, and so much more. There’s something for every type of kitchen over here!

Natural, Just For Your Little Ones

Babies are everyone’s pride and joy. Make their lives as special as they should be by only giving them the best. We have set out to make a wide variety of unique items for the little love of your life. This includes baby balm and soap that is made from all-natural materials like coconut and olive oil. Something unique that other baby websites don’t offer is aromatic aromatic gemstone bracelets/necklaces, which are said to be healing in nature, and very relaxing to look at and touch. We also have other healing products like calm-a-mama teeth and tummy drops. Finishing off the list, we also have a ton of scarfs, powders, and toys to cover every important aspect of your little one’s life!

Earth-Friendly Accessories

Accessories at Eco Life Goods are designed to make your life a lot more interesting! We’ve gathered some of the most desirable styles, and novel objects that you would not have thought of had you not stumbled on our site! One of our specialties is air washers, which is far superior to an average purifier and conducive to a clean environment. We also have pencil holders, scarves, shawls, decorative boxes (which are created in really unique designs, such as certain animals or plants), hats, and laundry essentials to make your daily life just a little easier!

Keeping the Outdoors as Nature Intended

Eco Life Goods doesn’t only offer wonderful enhancements to the inside of your house, but also for the outside! We sell birdhouses made from organic material, hammocks, outdoor bars, plant stands, tables, and chairs. Bamboo is the main material that we use, which is really fantastic since it is so versatile in nature and extremely environmentally friendly. You’ll like our bamboo designs a lot more than that fake wood you see everywhere else!

Sustainable Personal Care

Our last but most certainly not least category is personal care. We offer a plentiful array of body care such as soap, deodorant, lotion, and shampoo. We also carry cosmetics and skincare for the face! Treat your body, the most important part of your life (the skin you walk around in!) with only natural ingredients!

We hope you will love your experience with Eco Life Goods. Thank you for making this possible.