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We have started this website to communicate with our fellow citizens of the world, that we do have the ability to live in harmony with the environment. We live only for a short period, and life is so much fulfilling if it is lived with a positive attitude and to the fullest. To live and to be friendly to our environment does not mean living without luxuries but rather being aware of our resource consumption and reducing unnecessary waste.

For example, when buying a conventional mattress composed of a chemical concoction of toxins like petroleum-based petrochemicals, plastic, vinyl and flame retardants, we can focus our attention to more sustainable mattresses that do not contain such chemicals. Flame retardants give off Volatile Organic Compounds that find their way into the dust in our homes, and we inadvertently ingest them. We also breathe them in at night during our sleep. How can we get rid of such chemicals?

By changing our focus from activities that do not profit us, we can utilize our time in more productive ways by focusing on more Eco-friendly products. Each one of us can make a tremendous difference and work towards a more conducive environment. Don’t we love animals, nature and our planet? If yes, then we have to change our lifestyle for the betterment of every living creature on this planet.
That is why we have researched different companies that are aware of such hazards and are producing environmentally sustainable products. Not only environmentally friendly products, products that come from people of diverse cultures so that they can also enjoy a reasonable profit margin to sustain themselves. It is our responsibility to search for such companies and buy and use their products. We have had enough of petroleum-based products, body washes, shampoos, toothpaste that not only harm our bodies but also harm nature.
We should nurture our body, mind, and spirit with organic products based on plant life that are readily biodegradable. Plant-based products can heal. Many health-related issues stem from the fact that we do not realize what we are ingesting, wearing and lotions that we apply on our bodies.

Humanity has been around for millennia, but the world as we know it has changed drastically over a short time as little as one century. In the eighteenth century, we were still using horses and cattle as our means of transport and late nineteenth century witnessed the emergence of combustion engines and shortly after that humanity landed on the moon in 1969.
With the advent of new technologies, we have seen great strides achieved in many fields of science. However, all of this came with a price – pollution. The once pristine lands have are now garbage dumps and rivers/oceans into cesspools of chemicals, plastics and poisonous substances produced by various mega-corporations. There is no way we can avoid these bio-hazards which are causing death and suffering to millions unparalleled in the history of human civilization.
There is a way to reverse this destructive trend. It is a long way to go, but a long journey starts with the first step. 
Please join us in making our planet pristine again for the betterment of yourself and all of humanity in general. We now need to focus on things that are more sustainable and do not harm the Ecosystem of our beautiful blue planet. Succeeding in this effort will ensure that our progeny will also have a chance to succeed in their lives and be better citizens of the world.

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