Bed & Bath

A Beautiful, Natural Selection for Your Bed & Bath


A clean, pristine-looking bed and bath is the most important aspect of a household that anyone could want. That is where you spend all your time waking up in the morning and getting ready for bed. It has been scientifically proven that there is a very strong connection between a consistent morning and night routine with successful individuals.


It is also very critical to make sure you are treating yourself with the proper quality products while washing your face, showering, sleeping, or anything else. The greatest wealth in the world is your health! With what we offer at Eco Life Goods, we aim to help you improve your health and quality of living with our bed and bath products.


Starting with the bathroom products, we have very creative coconut soap dishes, which are beautifully designed and made from all-natural materials. They have a unique look that will brighten up the room. Another material that is commonly used for our soap dishes is soapstone, which you’ll see on our other items. The grey and white soapstone selections are truly stunning to look at, and any fish lover’s dream. The stone is soaked in water to make it easier to work with. After, it is hammered, chiseled, and filed to create a perfect outline. This design procedure often takes hours depending on the design being crafted. Once completed, it is sanded and buffed to create a bright sheen. These dishes are handcrafted by Haitian artisans, who put their hearts and souls into their work.


Moving on to the bedroom, we have a wonderful array of furniture to really make your room pop. The two-drawer bamboo table/nightstand is truly a work of art. This is a perfect space saver for a small room or centerpiece for a larger room. It’s a one-of-a-kind storage place for any nighttime essentials and is made solely out of bamboo. We also have a square design folding table that is low to the floor, and perfect for smaller objects, such as a newspaper or pair of shoes. Along with those options, we carry a slim profile variant of the nightstand and a taller variant of the square folding table. These are all designed to make every facet of life much more convenient and easy to work with.