Dining & Kitchen

Keeping the Heart of Your Home Healthy & Green


Your kitchen and dining areas are two of the most important places in your home. They are the center place for daily meals, family time, and special experiences. It is essential to have adequate space for cooking or social gatherings, as well as quality, eco-friendly products that will leave a lasting impression on not only your guests but your life as a whole.


At Eco Life Goods, our goal with the products we offer is to alleviate much of the daily stress in your life that comes from cooking or cleaning the kitchen. Oftentimes, a lot of supposed solutions and gadgets to make our lives in the kitchen easier actually bring with them a host of toxins. Toxins are everywhere, and truly have a huge effect on human lifespan and quality of life. Sadly, many of these toxins are not regulated or even on the radar of the people using products affected by them. That’s why it is especially important to stay free of these and stick to kitchen products and tools that are ecologically friendly


Starting off, one of our most convenient options available for some easy snack storage are our easy Ween tubs. Coming in a pack of four, they are absolutely perfect for transporting and holding snacks that may be too small or difficult to store elsewhere. They’re a perfect, safe solution for your little ones, as well!


For dining, we carry a variety of really unique table runners, that are of traditional color and design. These are perfect for adding a sense of formality and sincerity to any gathering, event, or function. To complement the runners, we have a great selection of bamboo dining tables, that are brilliantly made, bright, and will put a smile on your face. 

For kitchen accessories, we offer a wide array of napkins, organizers, and oven mitts, pot holders, and aprons. All are made from completely ecological materials that are environmentally friendly and safe for skin contact!