Why you need Muslin Squares for your Baby

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Why you need Muslin Squares for your Baby

A mother is always looking for different ways and products to make her life easier. For babies including young children, there is one indispensable and crucial item that should be present in every household with babies; which is the simple muslin square.

Following are the main reasons why mothers use muslin cloths:

As a burp cloth

A muslin cloth is an absolute must for a mother. Anyone visiting you would want to hold your baby, but oops, there is a chance of the baby burping on your clothes while rocking the baby. Muslin cloth can be used for covering the shoulder while burping them and always keep one cloth within reach for mopping up surprises. 


As a blanket

It is a perfect summer blanket for babies. It is a breathable fabric, light and there’s no risk of overheating. Remember your days when you were young? We all loved sleeping covered, so do babies. Muslin cloths can be put over your baby during the summer months while they’re in the pram to feel like they’re covered while the baby never feels the heat.

As a swaddle

Newborn babies sleep much better when swaddled the right way and make them feel secure. However, still, make sure that your baby does not overheat.

A blanket for the baby and nursing cover

Muslin cloth makes a great nursing cover. A mother can cover just enough of her body while nursing the baby. Also, the baby would love to be covered while having a very intimate moment with his/her mom.

Wee cover

At times your baby does "decide" to wee with their nappy off, the muslin cloth is also likely to absorb the wee rather than soiling the baby's clothing or even the mom's clothing. A changing mat is rather cold for the baby, so placing a muslin cloth on the mat will prevent the baby from getting a cold bottom is a good idea.

As a comforter

Babies are very fond of muslin cloths for snuggling for comfort. They get used to it and find it comfortable and generally fall asleep with their face buried in a muslin cloth even when they get older.

As a Bib

Use a Muslin Square as a bib! Simply tie the muslin on your baby’s neck. Super convenient for travelling and eating on the go. By folding muslin square in half to make a triangle you can use it as a simple bib. This can be handy to catch dribble or sick, or even to cover your child’s clothes once they start eating solid food.


As a nappy for a newborn baby

You can save lots of money by not having to buy tiny little new-born baby nappies. Cloth nappies are the most effective nappy for a tiny newborn baby. Your baby will be a happy nappy nipper.

As a “Peek-A-Boo” accessories

And yes! The peekaboo game that most babies love to play. If you cover your face with the muslin cloth, babies will want to pull the muslin away from your face and smile at you. This is one priceless game you can play with your baby with this humble cloth. Who never played peekaboo with a baby?!

As a handkerchief

Wiping your nose with tissues can make the skin around the nostrils dry. Especially when having a really bad cold. Therefore, be gentle with your little critter and instead use a muslin cloth, which is more sympathetic to their little noses.


As a sun-shield

During the hot scorching summer months, it is important to keep your baby nice and cool. Covering your baby's pram with a blanket should be avoided as it can cause your baby to overheat very quickly. Muslin cloths are lightweight and breathable and create a shade without heating the insides of the pram.

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