Top Eco-Friendly Essentials that are Perfect for Little Ones

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Welcoming a child into your family is one of the biggest - if not the biggest- occasion in your life.  Life as you know it, is about to change completely (and for the better).  As a parent you want to protect them, keep them safe and healthy. Being mindful of the products you use fosters an awareness of their effect on the world and how they can make an impact. Throughout this wonderful chaos, take the time to start them on a path towards living eco-friendly. 

Coming out into this crazy world can be a bit of a shock to little ones. Exposure to new environments can result in eczema and rashes. Allergies and weather changes can result in skin irritations and more! Look for products that contain natural ingredients without perfumes or dyes that can aggravate their soft skin even more.

One other guarantee that accompanies a new baby? A lot of talk about their ...well, I’m just going to say it...poop. You never knew it was possible to talk about it so much, but you will! Babies spend most of their day with their most sensitive area covered up. This can result in great discomfort should a rash develop and you’ll need some help healing it as quickly as possible. Look for products that will calm, soothe and protect without containing hundreds of ingredients. EcoLife Goods carries organic products perfect for your little ones. 


You’ll breeze through the newborn phase, have it down to a science! Parenting is fantastic, why didn’t we do this sooner?!  Then they will start to teethe and you’ll introduce solid foods... and then you’ll enter a whole new reality.  Teething, at best, is uncomfortable for most babies so try offering items such as an Amber teething necklace to relieve some of the discomfort. 

Introducing solid foods to babies can cause some tummy upset as their system digests new-to-them substances. Using some Teeth and Tummy drops can provide support and help them through the transition. The drops assist in calming their system, allowing for adequate rest which makes an enormous difference in handling all the changes they're going through - and for parents, too!


Another key part of a child’s life is play. Kids learn through play, so let’s give them the best tools to do it.  The majority of today's toys are plastic - not to mention the amount of packaging that they come in (and the struggle it is to unwrap them!). If you have plastic toys in your home, ensure they are lead and BPA-free. These chemicals have proven harmful to childrens development and increases the risks for many health problems.

Turn back the clock to simpler times and look for good old-fashioned wooden toys.  Toys made from sustainably sourced wood, treated with kid-friendly non-toxic stains and alternative products are where we want to focus. And, many of them come in unique, eco-friendly packaging to boot!


These products are only a starting point. There are an increasing number of companies out there who want to make great products for our children.  Choose products made with ingredients you can actually pronounce and you’ll establish a foundation for eco-friendliness for the rest of their lives.  



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