Coconut Vinegar Conditioning Rinse, 8 oz

Coconut Vinegar Conditioning Rinse, 8 oz

For the Health of Your Hair


Shiny, luxurious hair is just a rinse away! Use this miracle-working conditioning rinse brought to you by Eco Life Goods to enjoy the most nourishing and enriching ingredients all in one for your hair. Coconut Vinegar clarifies the scalp and stabilizes hair pH. It boasts a ton of minerals, nutrients, amino acids, and proteins. Slippery Elm acts as a great conditioning and detangling agent, and Mango Extract is rich in vitamins and minerals that promote hair growth. ProVitamin B5 and Hydrolyzed Silk add extra moisturizing and shine-boosting properties. Orange Oil purifies and gives off a clean, delicious, subtle scent. All these luxurious ingredients will work for the health and shininess of your hair from now on!



  • Ingredients:
    • Organic Coconut Vinegar
    • Organic Slippery Elm Bark Powder
    • Mango Extract
    • ProVitamin B5
    • Hydrolyzed Silk
    • Orange Oil
  • Like all Body Food products, these products are free of chemical-filled fragrance oils, additives, or preservatives.
  • These are chemical-free products without any synthetic additives commonly found in mainstream hair care products. You may find that there is an adjustment period as you get used to not having your hair stripped and coated. If you don't get the results you desire using the shampoo and conditioner as a set, try using them separately in conjunction with your other favorite hair care products. Also, make sure you are using enough product. Again, because these are not full of chemical additives to help disseminate through-out the hair (especially long hair), you must apply to all sections of the hair and scalp to make sure the hair is well saturated. 
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