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Cube Puzzle from India

An Unusual PuzzleThis unique and mysterious three-dimensional puzzle that we at Eco Life Goods a..


Dolphin Puzzle Box

Sustainable All the Way Get your little one a cute and sustainable toy that will last in you..


eco-kids eco-finger paint

Formula is now Gluten Free - instead of offering two versions, we are able to offer the Gluten Free ..


eco-kids eco-soy pas

Introducing eco-soy pas - it's not a pastel, it's not a crayon - it's a soy-pas!  ..


Egg Shaped Puzzle

These three dimensional puzzles are made from mango wood, a soft and light wood best for carving and..


Elephant Puzzle Box

Unusual Puzzles Is it a toy or a decor item? A bookend or a paperweight? We at Eco Life Good..


Frog Puzzle Box

An Eco-Conscious Gift Are you looking for the perfect eco-friendly gift? Then look no furthe..


Piggy Paint *NEW* Yummy Scented Polish Box Set

Introducing….Scented Piggy Paint!! This box set includes 4, 0.25oz bottles: Wacky Water..


Piggy Paint Gift Sets

Piggy Paint is the perfect gift! We have many gift sets that are fun for any age or gender and make ..


Piggy Paint Scented Polish Box Set

Introducing….Scented Piggy Paint!!This box set includes 4, 0.25oz bottles: Wacky Watermelon, G..


Sitting Cat Puzzle Box

This well crafted cat puzzle is made of mango wood scraps -  a fast growing and sustainable woo..


Tree Shaped Puzzle Box

The Perfect Vegan Gift If you're looking for an eco-friendly toy for your kids or a gif..


Turtle Puzzle Box

Are You An Environmentalist? Whether you're an environmentalist or just love turtles, this c..


Play Time